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i-branch FAQs

There are a variety of situations or needs that will require you to contact the credit union, and this is most often done by email for convenience.
When contacting us about your account, for whatever reason, DO NOT include your account number in the subject line or the body of the email. Email is not an encrypted process, so it is not safe. But do give us your full name, and last four of your social or address, please.

Why am I locked out of my account?
Why is my account showing "Disabled?"

For security reasons, you are given three chances within a 24 hour period to make a successful login. After an accumulation of 3 invalid logins in a 24-hour period, even if there were successful logins during the same time-frame, the system assumes that someone other than an authorized person is attempting to access the account (because the right person would know their password and security answers, right?). It will then lock your account. Resetting requires contacting the credit union.

How can I change my User Name without calling the credit union?
After you have successfully logged in to your account, you can change your User Name by clicking on the "CU Services" icon at the top tool bar. Select the option for "Change User Name." Follow the simple steps for changing your User Name to whatever you wish.

How can I change/reset my password without contacting the credit union BEFORE I am locked out?
Two ways:
1. If you know your User Name but are not sure of your password, from the logon screen click the "Forgot Password" link. This will generate an automated email from us to you with steps to reset your password).
2. After you are logged on go to CU Services and click the "CU Services" icon in the top tool bar. Select the "Change Password" option and follow the steps.

What's the purpose of the security features screen? I hate having to key in all that stuff every time I log on.
The purpose of the security features screen is, well, security. In this world of cyber-crime, security must always be at the highest and safest levels possible. Our online account access system has the highest encryption, and safest security levels available.

First you see the CAPCHA text image. When you see the CAPCHA text image that YOU created at the time of your account setup, you know that your computer is accessing our secure server where your CAPCHA text image is stored. If you ever see a CAPCHA image that is NOT the one you created, close that browser window and contact us immediately. You must type the CAPCHA text image EXACTLY as it is shown in the image, capitals, dashes, numbers, whatever.
Second, you will be presented with one of three random questions that you selected at the time you set up your account. You must answer the question exactly as you did when you selected the question at set up time. By responding correctly to the question, WE know that it is YOU who is trying to log on to the account.

What does it mean "Register Device" on the security screen?
And related, what is the "Device Name?"

You have, as an option, a way of bypassing the security screen every time you log on. By checking the box next to "Register Device" you are setting in motion a super-secure process whereby our server and your computer exchange encrypted cookies (tiny secure chunks of data stored on both our computers) that will contain the CAPCHA and security questions that you created. If you have registered your device (computer, laptop, smart phone), when you log in with your user name and password the encrypted cookies take over and do all the security work for you and us. Upon completion of this behind-the-scenes process, you are presented immediately with your account summary.

Associated with the "Register Device" is the option to name the device you are registering, i.e. "My laptop," "home computer," etc. You can register as many different devices as you wish. This information is not necessary, however, for the device's registration. Periodically, say every 90 days or so, you might see the whole security screen again, for purposes of re-registering the device. Sort of like having to refresh your password every so often on some websites.

I do speak, read, and write English, but Spanish is my native language. Got anything for me in Spanish?
Absolutely! Again, go to the top tool bar and click on "User Preferences." There you will find the language options for English and Spanish. Also there are options for resetting your security features, etc.

I have problems with the bill pay program. Who should I contact?
Our bill pay product is provided by a third-party, separate from the i-branch. Should you have questions about the bill pay product you can contact us, or even better use the "Chat" feature on the bill-pay site, or call them at 800-848-4915. We can answer basic questions about using the bill pay product, but for corrections, adjustments, verification of a payment, etc., you will need to contact the bill pay provider directly.


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